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Network Video Recording – Powerful Video Archiving Solution

Developed as a dedicated small form factor Network Video Recording (NVR) appliance, the VaraSight Surveillance NanoNVR is designed to provide a powerful embedded solution for IP video management. The NanoNVR is a unique IP video management solution which relies upon an embedded operating system and is preloaded with Milestone’s market leading XProtect video management software. Additional functionality provided by custom VaraSight preloaded applications simplifies remote access, management and support.

Embedded Video Management

The NanoNVR was developed to provide video surveillance users the best possible experience when combining IP video surveillance with remote wireless connectivity. Since it runs on an embedded operating system, the single use nature of the NanoNVR avoids many of the potential pitfalls of unattended Windows installations. Its tiny size (approx. 4″ x 4″ X 1) and power budget (max 9 watts) means users can easily deploy the unit anywhere. The NanoNVR provides the reliability of hundreds of hours of local video capture and management, coupled with the flexibility of cellular connectivity for remote live look-in almost anywhere.

Offered in both a standard and extreme configuration, the NanoNVR supports up to 2 cameras. The extreme version builds on the capabilities of the standard unit by offering higherend hardware specifications, solid state storage, and wider operating temperatures.


Embedded operating system
Remotely accessible
Record hundreds of hours of full-frame local video capture
Small form factor
Designed for wireless video applications
Available in standard and extreme versions