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ATM Mobility
Data Sheet


Simply put, Atlantis converts Dial Up and IP based ATMs to wireless cellular operating the Sprint Network. It provides a complete plug and play solution with cellular service free from the hassle and expense of wired lines – providing the ability to deploy ATMs wherever, whenever.

Atlantis supports 2 way communications to and from the ATM to facilitate transactions and remotely manage its operation via the ATM’s manufacturers software from any computer on the Internet.

The feature rich Atlantis maximizes the ATMs uptime through its optional 24/7 monitoring services ensuring your ATM is safe and secure, free from theft and always performing as expected to take the next transaction. Atlantis is designed specifically to reduce your operating expenses with its remote restart capabilities reducing your need to visit the ATM.

Atlantis is the most trusted, affordable choice for ATM mobility, security and operational visibility.


•    IP to Cellular Communications
•    Dialup to Cellular Communications
•    Eliminate telephone wire line installations
•    No initialization fees
•    No configuration fees


•    No per Megabyte fees
•    Reduced transaction time
•    Remote management of ATM’s manufacturers software
•    No long term contracts
•    Static IP, Not Required
•    Immediate ATM Deployment


•    Triple DES secure communications
•    Automatic failure alerts via text/email


•    Power Disconnect Sensors
•    Machine Tilt Sensor
•    Door Open Alert
•    Remote Reset Module


•    Dial Interface: V22
•    Dial Connector: RJ-11
•    Dial Speeds: 1200, 2400, 9600, 14,400 bps
•    LEDs:  Power, Antenna, Link
•    Network Service: Sprint CDMA
•    Power: 115 VAC, 60Hz to 12VDC, 2A Power Adapter (included)

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